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Meet Nikela


Certified Yoga Instructor

To say I am passionate about yoga is an understatement. I am utterly in love with my yoga journey. It is a love that makes me wish everyone could experience it, and that is why I became a yoga instructor.

As a Black Woman, I want to share this beautiful and grounding practice with more and more Black people. Yes, my classes are for everyone. I have a passion for people. I also know yoga is not as common in the Black community simply due to a lack of exposure. Yoga instructors like myself are closing that gap.

I started hot yoga as a result of a foot injury. I could no longer do any type of cardio, and I still needed a form of sweat session. I am so grateful for yoga because I got far more than a great sweat. I learned about my body’s functional mobility, and I learned how to accept my body with a new level of grace.


I have 20+ years in the fitness industry as multi-certified Instructor.  I am still on my yoga journey as I grow spiritually, encounter life, and my body experiences new phases of life. I am happy you are here. Let’s experience this journey together!


200 Hour RYT Certification (Yoga Project - School of Yoga)

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