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I Almost Missed Beyonce...*GASP*!

Okay, not really...LOL!

I got my hair braided the same day as Beyonce's Dallas show for her Renaissance World Tour. To know me is to know I'm not missing a Beyonce concert. She is PHENOMENAL and worth every second of her show.

I didn't time my braids appointment quite right and I was late getting to the concert. About 3 hours before the show, I knew I would be late. My inner perfectionist wanted to make an appearance and bring along her besties, "stress and worry". That would've been my response before my yoga journey.

Instead, I stayed in the moment to appreciate my braids. I LOVE THEM!

I reminded myself Beyonce is NOT going to perform her whole show within the 15-20 minutes I was running behind.

I let go of my original preferred outfit for comfort and ease in my crop top and jeans.

I arrived at the venue with enough time to get a shirt, some cashews, and a bottle of water.

I exhaled and took a pic (below) to remember this as my "I made it" moment!

For the first time, I challenged myself to sit and stay off my phone the entire concert. No photos, videos, or texting. I actually EXPERIENCED Beyonce!

This was one of my favorite concert experiences. I learned to let go, flow with it, and be in the moment during a 2.5 hour Beyonce concert.

Namaste and Beyonce!!!

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